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Twins on Air?

Posted: November 6, 2010 in Family & Friends

Announced on MyFm

The programme featuring twins that the Astro people came to the Residence and during the gathering to film and do the interview will be on tonight at 8pm, channel 311.

Tune in!


Twins Gathering 2010

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Family & Friends

The Astro people came to the Residence to do a shoot on the Twins for a special feature about twins.

There was another pair of twins (girls) who came as well.

Took >5 hours! for what would only be a short clip in air time.

The following Sunday (24/10) was the Twins Plus event at Kidz Zone, Plaza Damas where 25 pairs of twins gathered for the anniversary.

The Astro people and journalists from several magazine publications came to cover it.

PS: Ama was asked to do an interview on camera for Astro! *shy shy*

Took the Kids to Toys-R-Us next door after the event to ‘reward’ them for putting up with all the photoshoot.

Got home exhausted.

Before School Start

Posted: June 20, 2010 in Family & Friends

Ama took the Kids to another Kid’s birthday party for the 1st time.

On the way back, they did what they always do before going back to school – hair cut!

Teacher’s Day 2010

Posted: May 24, 2010 in Family & Friends

May’s school had their Teacher’s Day on last Friday.

For Teacher’s Day, May took 2 days to make this as a gift for her class teacher, Ms Lee.

Ama’s contribution ‘crab’s made from sausages (Aba thought they were cat faces )

Fun Time

Posted: May 22, 2010 in Family & Friends

The Twin’s kindy had their 95th anniversary on Saturday.

Jern and Sarn were roped in for the ceremony performance.

There was also a fun-fair by the High School students.

Bought and ate food and drinks at the fun fair using pre-bought coupons.

Jern Sarn’s art work was also on display in the school classroom exhibition.

Took the Kids to watch Shrek Together Forever after.

Kids love the show.

Then took them to Apo’s for an overnight.

Ama had a mother’s only gathering (no husbands or kids).

Met at Pyramid in the morning and started to chatting till the movie Ice Kacang Puppy Love (pretty good show).

After movie, had ‘makan’ at a Korean restaurant and continued chatting till 6pm!

Birthday Bash

Posted: January 16, 2010 in Family & Friends

More than 1o families from came to the Residence to celebrate May’s birthday.

It was another kid’s birthday celebration (Ah En) – so, there were 2 cakes!

More than 20 children – super chaotic!