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My Stamp!

Posted: May 31, 2008 in Family Time

The Twins are still not well.

While they were sleeping, May and Ama sneaked out to but the special stamps that Ama saw last Monday – tomorrow last day!

So Ama had 2 sets made.

One set with the Family’s 1st out-of-the-country-trip photo; and another set with the Kids in costumes!

Watch out, friends of the Family, you may receive a letter sent with the special stamps!



Posted: May 28, 2008 in Family Time

School Holidays, but no outing because the Twins are not well.

When they’re unwell, they tend to sleep more.

So, Ama took the ‘opportunity’ to teach May knitting.

Turns out that May likes it! And she’s not bad at it too!

It’s the School Holiday!

Ama and the Kids went for a movie, the 4th for the Twins and the 2nd at KLCC.

Ama was surprised that they remembered the location of the cinema at the 3rd floor, and that they had to queue up to buy tickets as well as popcorn after that.

When the movie started, they even reminded each other to keep quiet!

The movie was “Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian’.

Ama was a little worried when Aba said that it was 2 ½ hours long earlier.

Luckily, the Kids sat very still and generally well behaved except for a few moments went they couldn’t help asking (loudly) what was happening.

After the movie, went for lunch at Kenny Rogers at the KLCC Convention Centre.

Later went to the KL Book Fest that was being held there.

Bought loads of books for Kids (and Ama) cuz they were so cheap!


Posted: May 20, 2008 in The Kids

Every Tuesday, the Star has a column – Starchild, for kids to send their art work.

In conjuction with Mother’s Day, May drew a picture of Ama as a present to Ama.

Ama sent it to the Star.

Today, her picture appeared!

Parents Day Celebration 2008

Posted: May 17, 2008 in Family Time

So May’s kindy had a ‘Parents Day Celebration’ tonight.

After dropping off May at her classroom for ‘prep-ing’ (ie make-up, fried rice snack etc), the Family browsed through the makeshift children’s book mart. Bought some picture books for Jern-Sarn.

Around 5pm, the event started at the church hall next door

A few speakers talked about being parents and dispensed with some advice on maintaining good relationship with children and understanding them.

Around 6:30pm, dinner was served.

Actually, it’s just boxed fried rice or nasi lemak with mineral water to wash it down (redeemed with pre-bought coupons

After eating, Aba and Ama and the Twins went back into the church hall for the performance by the kindy children.

Each class had a ‘play’.

May was in the 1st performance – singing a children’s carol – being a combined performance… and also her class’ dance performance – where she was arguably the MAIN ACT (ie she had her ‘back-up’ dancers, and who literally stood-out from the rest at the end pose.

There was also a drama staged by the older pupils, about appreciating mother’s love

The event closed with singing by all the pupils of the kindy (May also participated

May got a gift pack for her efforts and even the Twins had good time!

Happy Mother’s Day 2008!

Posted: May 11, 2008 in Family Time

Mag Interview

Posted: May 5, 2008 in Ama Time

In conjunction with Mother’s Day, this month’s Feminine (no.4888) had an article on mother and breast-feeding…

And Ama is in it!

Actually, the whole Family is in it! The pictures, that is.

In fact, only Ama was interviewed.