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Train Ride (again)

Posted: October 30, 2007 in Family Time

Thanks to the ‘efficiency’ of the insurance company, Ama’s car is still at the workshop. 

So it was the trains again for this week’s visit to Apo’s. 

The Kids were as happy as the last time on the trip. Ama, on the other hand, is starting to develop of ‘Train Ride’ phobia… 

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At Apo’s, Ama told Apo about the Twins’ chores training. 

Apo quickly bought a ‘cleaning equipment’ toy set for the Kids, to encourage them. Set included a miniature mop, broom, scooper etc. 

The Kids spent the day happily ‘cleaning’ Apo’s house! 

— additional note — 

Another baby (girl) was born to Ama’s relative. May and Apo ‘sneaked out’ of the house to visit her. 

P.S. the pre-mature baby has been discharged from the hospital on last Wednesday. 

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Work of Art: 28.10.07

Posted: October 28, 2007 in The Kids

After 2 weeks of fiddling with the ‘building block’ toy set that Ama bought at the last Anggugu meet, May has created a truck on her own. 

But before she could show Aba, the naughty Twins had dismantled it! 

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Identity Crisis

Posted: October 28, 2007 in Family Time

After being ‘twin-tricked’ by Jern last time, Grandpa will now look closely before addressing either twin… 

But can still get them wrong! 

To be doubly sure, he’ll ask May to confirm identity. 

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Housekeeping II

Posted: October 26, 2007 in Family Time

Ama has started the Twins on house chores – to wit, hanging washed clothes to dry. 

On the 1st day, they enthusiastically helped Ama. But on day 2 onwards, they only helped for the 1st two pieces of clothes, before running off to play for a while. 

They come back to help, but keep going off periodically to play. 

009_.gif 009 image by onionethan

Still some ‘training’ more to go! 

NB: May had been helping on house chores FAITHFULLY at their age. 

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October Wedding

Posted: October 24, 2007 in Family & Friends


The Family left home 6:40pm. Due to the jam, only reached Serdang 1 hour later. 

The restaurant was the same one that Aba and Ama had their wedding dinner for the bride’s side. 

Surprise! The restaurant had renovated extensively and looked much ‘grander’. 

055_.gif 055 image by onionethan

Dinner started at almost 9pm. Ama was famished. The food was good, but not exceptional despite the restaurant’s good reputation. 

There was the usual karaoke where several senior citizens belted out some golden oldies. 

There was also the usual 3 toasts to the newly-wed (ie ‘Yum Seng’). 

The groom was so drunk that the parents took him home before the family photo shoots at the end (most relatives had left already). 

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Another Busy Day

Posted: October 23, 2007 in Family & Friends

As Apo was not free on yesterday, the weekly visit by the Kids was postponed to today. 

Ama’s car was still at the workshop, so the Kids got to go by train. 

Instead of taking the shortest route, Ama took the Kids for a ride on 3 train systems – Rapid KL, Putra and KTM. 

Journey took 2 hours 11 minutes! 

Kids happy! 

069_.gif 069 image by onionethan

At night, Aba drove down to Apo’s to pick up everyone, to go to Ama’s relative’s pre-wedding gathering at the bride’s. 

Catering service was used. Loads of people showed up and there were even impromptu karaoke sessions (very loud!) when the liquor started flowing… 

The Kids got to help make ‘tang yuan’ and also witness the bride’s ‘hairdressing’ ceremony. 

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Another ‘Accident’

Posted: October 22, 2007 in The Kids

Jern fell and bit his lower lips. 

Ran screaming to Ama with a mouth full of gushing blood. Gave Ama a scare. 

‘Manja-manja’ rest of the day. 

At night, during sleep. Jern woke himself up several times, when he inadvertently sucked his thumb and provoked the lip wounds. 

Poor thing!