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Hectic Experience!

Posted: August 31, 2007 in Family Time

The Kids were a little under the weather, as was Aba, so the Family didn’t go out in the day on Hari Kemerdekaan. 

Near evening, the Family went to Megamall for dinner (Chicken Rice Shop). The Twins had insisted on NOT using the stroller, so Aba and Ama gave it a try. 

The HomeDec Exhibition was going on, so the Family went for a look… 

They were quite a handful, but manageable. 

3 kids running around the expo at the same time was a hectic experience! 


Posted: August 29, 2007 in The Kids

In recognition of May’s creative genius in arts and handicraft, Ronald Mc Donald awarded her with a prize (co-sponsored by Staedtler). 

It was actually for winning the ‘50 Years of IndependenceI Made This”’ contest, in her age group (ages 4 to 6). And there were only 25 winners. 

May is ready for the next artwork/drawing submission… 


Posted: August 28, 2007 in Family Time


Ama 给真, , 媄各自都买了一支国旗, 也趁机会教了他们一些有关于马来西亚的普通常识…  

跟他们一起数国旗上的红白横条和星星的尖角; 教他们唱国歌 (学来学去只记得 Negarakuuuuuu ); 831日是国庆日; 带他们去看邻居在楼下种的国花之类的. 

除此之外, 这一阵子AbaAma也时常会带真,善,媄去出席配合国庆日所举行的活动. 

至此, 媄几乎能完全了解Ama讯息’, 而且她已经完全沉醉在里头了. 但真, 善只感兴趣的却似乎只有国旗因为只有每一回看到国旗, 他们就会很兴奋地喊 Malasyia! Malaysia!’… 一拿起就 Merdeka! Merdeka!’ 

Who Win Look-alike

Posted: August 28, 2007 in Family Time

According to the Look-alike Meter Ama found out from 1+2 mom 

May looks slightly more like Ama 

Sarn looks slightly more like Aba. 

 And, Jern looks equally like Aba and Ama. 


Ama’s conclusion: Draw. Everyone is happy. 

Aba’s conclusion: Should get Number 4 for tie-breaker? 

Flower & Garden Festival

Posted: August 27, 2007 in Family Time

Today, Ama brought Apo and the Kids to the Putrajaya Flower & Garden Festival 07 (‘Celebrating 50 years of a Nation in Bloom’) – aka ‘Florial’. 

It is supposedly Malaysia’s Largest Flower and Garden Festival. There are over 200 spectacular floral and garden designs by local and international award-winning designers. 

It would be going on from 25th August till 2nd September. Ama didn’t want to go during school holidays, so the outing was postponed to the 27th. 

Arrived 3:30pm and spent 1 ½ hours at the Festival.

The Kids were overjoyed and ran around excitedly like… kids,… in a candy store. Ama and Apo were very impressed by the displays too. 

The outing included:-
  –   The Floral Pavilion
  –   Garden square and bazaar
  –   Orchid competition and clinic
  –   Floral Art Village
  –   Showcase garden 

The only section not ‘visited’ was the ‘Meadow’. But the car was parked next to it, so Ama, Apo and the Kids did get a peek at it. 

Bread from the Heart

Posted: August 23, 2007 in Family Time


May was so looking forward to this Bread Baking Workshop since her Pizza-Making outing the last time. 

It started raining around 12pm, so Ama decided to go earlier. Ama and the Kids reached The Curve at around 1:50pm.

Ama met up with 1+2mom and her family. Her son, Carter, was going to be baking bread with May! 

The Bread Baking Workshop was supposed to start at 2:00pm, it was almost 2:45 before the workshop commenced. There were a lot of participants this time and quite a few were late. And the workshop was conducted indoors because of the rain. 

The workshop taught the kids how to make 4 types of bread. May made the following:
  –         Cheese + sugar bread for herself
  –         Sausage bread for Jern and Sarn
  –         Onion bread for Ama
  –         Free Style’ for Aba (is it a sleeping snake?) 

At the end of the day, May received a certificate for her culinary efforts. 

Whole afternoon, while waiting for May, Jern and Sarn entertained themselves by playing with the chairs, the spare dough, and exploring here and there.  

They had May’s sausage bread for snacks. The Twins wanted to eat the ‘snake’ bread too, but May insisted on reserving it for Aba. 

The workshop ended at almost 5:00pm, so Ama decided to stay around for a while to avoid the rush hour. 

Ama and the Kids had dinner at a new steamboat restaurant in Ikano. Walked around a bit after that, and also tried the Q-jellies. 

Left The Curve around 7:30pm and got home at 8:45pm! (still very jam). 

There was a surprise waiting for May at home – it was a Barbie Doll Set gift from Aba’s cousin and family! 

Fireworks Competition

Posted: August 22, 2007 in Family Time


The International Fireworks Competition, 1st time held in Malaysia, began on Saturday, 18 August. Ama, being the great firework-display fan, just had to go see it. 

Unfortunately, the best place to see it, at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC), at a RM38.50 per person, was already fully booked. The Family went to Putrajaya to see it anyway. 

Tonight, the Australian team was competing.  

The evening started with sporadic rain, but by the time the Family set out, at around 8:30pm, it was a beautiful clear night. 

At around 9:30pm, the Family secured a good viewing spot off the highway. Spectators had already gathered, and more were flocking in. 

There were so many cars that some inconsiderate people had triple parked. The Police tried to get people to park farther away so as not to obstruct the highway, but they were just too many cars. 

Finally, at around 10:00pm, the show started! Ama was awed by the spectacular non-stop 20 minute display… 

And the Twins were in terror! They clung on tightly to Aba, frightened by the noise. They also averted their eyes from the explosions of light. They just wouldn’t let go of Aba! 

May, who was quite fascinated by the firework, also began to get frightened half-way through when she thought that the explosions were getting closer! (actually, the fireworks just got bigger!) 

All 3 kids ended up sticking to Aba for ‘protection’! 

Ama took lots of photos, and had good laugh at the Kids fear. 

Then the show was over… and the massive jam to get out of the place began…