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Jern Sarn Fashion

Posted: February 28, 2009 in The Kids

Ama bought the Kids a toy ‘light sabre’ each.

The Twins tried out some movie fashion – Sarn slung his at the back, muttering ‘Narnia’ all the while; and Jern has his belted at the side.


V-day 2009

Posted: February 14, 2009 in Family Time

No Flowers. No Romantic Dinner.

Went out with the Kids for ‘bacon steamboat’ at BBQ Plaza for lunch.

Only difference is that the Family ate at the Times Square outlet instead of One Utama.

Then had dinner at fatty Mok’s – Yong Tau Foo with curry Noodles (ultra fat, ie LARD).

How Romantic. NOT.

Consolation – one piece of Belgian Chocolate each for Aba and Ama.

Wore ‘cow’ matching T-shirt by Giordona.

P/S: Aba insists on doing it the Japanese way. Ie, Girl gives boy something (usually chocolate) on V-day and boy gives something back 1 month later – ‘cuz things are too expensive on V-day!?

As promised, the Kids got to buy a gift using their CNY ang paus, for themselves.

Bought Ladybird books (again).

CNY Gathering

Posted: February 7, 2009 in Family & Friends

On Friday, May’s Kindy had a CNY gathering instead of the usual classes.

Pupils were allowed to wear CNY clothes instead of the normal uniform.

Today, there was a pseudo – open house at the Wong Residence, as friends of the family (and also Ama’s net-friends at came visiting.

Started coming in the morning (Aba’s Malay friend + pals).

All the anggugu people came in the afternoon.

The last visitor (Aba’s pal), left after midnight!

Kids had a blast!